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Man, What A Week!

Last week was truly not my week.  It took until Wednesday before I could finally pick up my car from the mechanic.  Drove it from the mechanic to the farmer’s market, bought some amazing strawberries, got back in the car… same problem as before I took it in, the speedometer won’t work. By this point…… Continue reading Man, What A Week!

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Frugal Dinner: Use It Up Style

Sometimes… lots of times… I have a bad habit of wasting food.  Produce in particular.  I buy it with the best of intentions, and it languishes in the fridge until it gets wrinkly or moldy, then it gets tossed out.  Obviously this is very unfrugal, I should not ever be wasting food. So when deciding…… Continue reading Frugal Dinner: Use It Up Style


Shared Post:  Why I’m uncomfortable being labeled a minimalist

Source: Why I’m uncomfortable being labeled a minimalist I’m sharing this post because it gave me something to think about that I never considered before.  It IS a privilege to choose to be a minimalist.  And while I would never use that term for myself, because I’m really not, it is mostly people who are…… Continue reading Shared Post:  Why I’m uncomfortable being labeled a minimalist

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Boy Oh, the Hits Just Keep Coming

I got my updated credit score today and decided to click on the link that would tell me what factors negatively impact my score.  To my surprise, I saw that something was in collections.  I used www.annualcreditreport.com to get a copy of my credit report.  Sure enough, right there in collections were 3 medical bills I wasn’t…… Continue reading Boy Oh, the Hits Just Keep Coming

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Determined to be Grateful

Sometimes it’s really hard to be grateful for the things I have, rather than complain about the things I {now} don’t have.  For example… this morning I had $886 more than I do right now.  As you may have guessed from the image, car problems got me.  My speedometer and odometer both stopped working, and…… Continue reading Determined to be Grateful