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Thai Peanut Chicken Update

I had a couple of people tell me this recipe sounded yummy, and were curious to hear how it turned out.  It was supposed to have been yesterday’s dinner, but for various reasons {reasons of not getting the slow cooker cleaned and the food in it in time for it to cook}, it got pushed back until today.…… Continue reading Thai Peanut Chicken Update

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I didn’t crush my Mother-in-Law’s Legacy

Hubs and I began dating when in the fall of 1996, when I was 16.  One of the first stories I heard about his parents’ early years was the “Cinnamon chili” story.  Shortly after they married, my mother-in-law mistook the bottle of cinnamon for the chili powder and proceeded to dump copious amounts of cinnamon…… Continue reading I didn’t crush my Mother-in-Law’s Legacy