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Making Stuff Monday: A Vintage Fabric Pillow

This Making Stuff Monday post is brought to you by a nifty thrift store that, though tiny, carries a lot of fabric.  My first visit to this thrift store resulted in coming out with a couple of paper bags full of fabric remnants.  My sewing guru has told me that building your fabric stash becomes…… Continue reading Making Stuff Monday: A Vintage Fabric Pillow

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Small Changes and Simple Crafts

I’m not willing to bog myself down with the extreme minutiae of frugality.  I rarely use aluminum foil, but when I do, I don’t save it for another use.  I’m not patient enough to unwrap gifts slowly to save the wrapping paper.  I realize there are things I could do, somethings bigger, somethings smaller, that…… Continue reading Small Changes and Simple Crafts

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I hate first posts…

As the title suggests, I hate making the first post in a blog.  It always feels like a self-help group, or at least how they look on television.  “Hi, I’m Cat and…”  Well, alright then.  Hi, I’m Cat, and I’m trying to live frugally. I suspect my reasons for living frugally are pretty similar to…… Continue reading I hate first posts…