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The Tuesday Night Treasure Hunt

The Tuesday Night Treasure Hunt… otherwise known as cleaning out the fridge.  I’m not sure “treasure” is quite the right word for it, but a dose of optimism never hurts, amiright? Every Tuesday evening, Hubs and I go to the kitchen and root around in the fridge.  I plan our menus for the week, so…… Continue reading The Tuesday Night Treasure Hunt

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The Making Of A List

I think pretty much every person who practices, or tries to practice, being frugal makes a grocery list.  Or at least know they SHOULD make one, with whether or not it gets made, and how often, being a bit iffy at times.  For some reason, this was one of the few tenets of frugality Hubs…… Continue reading The Making Of A List

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Don’t Throw Out That Hummus!

Billi Jo, my bestie, lives in rural North Dakota.  As such, hummus is not plentiful in her neck of the woods.  I suggested she drive into the nearest town where markets carry it and buy  half a dozen containers to bring home.  Her response was one I should have seen coming:  “They would spoil before…… Continue reading Don’t Throw Out That Hummus!

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Small Changes and Simple Crafts

I’m not willing to bog myself down with the extreme minutiae of frugality.  I rarely use aluminum foil, but when I do, I don’t save it for another use.  I’m not patient enough to unwrap gifts slowly to save the wrapping paper.  I realize there are things I could do, somethings bigger, somethings smaller, that…… Continue reading Small Changes and Simple Crafts