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Man, What A Week!

Last week was truly not my week.  It took until Wednesday before I could finally pick up my car from the mechanic.  Drove it from the mechanic to the farmer’s market, bought some amazing strawberries, got back in the car… same problem as before I took it in, the speedometer won’t work. By this point…… Continue reading Man, What A Week!

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Guest Blog: Heather at Simply Save

This guest blog is coming to you from Heather over at Simply Save. Heather is a personal finance blogger who strives to find the balance between planning for the future and enjoying the present. She shares her personal finance journey on Simply Save and also writes about saving money, simplifying life, minimalism, and living with intention.…… Continue reading Guest Blog: Heather at Simply Save

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When A Deal Isn’t A Deal

I had a request for this blog post several days ago, and have been rolling it around in my head since then.  The question posed was, more or less, how to know when buying something is a true bargain, vs buying things because they seem to be a bargain.  Even when the price itself is…… Continue reading When A Deal Isn’t A Deal

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My New Way of Saving, And A Surprise Gift

Clearly a big reason we are trying to live frugally is to build up some savings for emergencies.  When something unexpected crops up, I’d much rather have the savings already in the bank to pay for it than to have to put it on a credit card and pay interest on it.  Just simple economics,…… Continue reading My New Way of Saving, And A Surprise Gift

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Very Light Grocery Week, and Menu Plan

As I mentioned in this blog post from a few days ago, we are trying to cut some out of the budget where we can this month, to make up for the cost of new glasses for Hubs and me. One of the easiest places to trim some would be from our grocery budget.  I mean, we…… Continue reading Very Light Grocery Week, and Menu Plan

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Shout Out To My Handyman

As I am sure I have mentioned a few times, Hubs and I live in an apartment.  Given that, we are not responsible for things that break, get damaged, stop working, etc.  We call the leasing office, they let maintenance know, and it gets repaired.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, in theory it is.  In theory.…… Continue reading Shout Out To My Handyman