Things I’ve Noticed…

Last Sunday kicked off our renewed focus on frugal living.  After months of non-starters with getting back on track, and even more time spent not trying, I felt like we were finally ready to start adulting again.  Only instead of looking at it as one of the {many} bad aspects of adulting, I'm trying to... Continue Reading →


Locked and Loaded!

As of today, we are finally back on our schedule of shopping on Thursdays, then cooking at home Fri-Wed.  Over the last few months we had gotten off track and sometimes went on Friday or Saturday, and some weeks we just didn't go at all.  In some cases we were late because of the weather,... Continue Reading →

At Least I Tried…

I decided to test out a tried and true frugal technique, and call my insurance company for an audit.  I hadn't done one in several years now and I thought perhaps there were new discounts or some such that we might be eligible for.  I called, they audited, and as it turns out, we're getting... Continue Reading →

Moving Right Along!

It's almost 8:30 pm on Day 3 of no restaurant food, and the streak is still going!  It's sad how proud I am that we haven't had restaurant food in three measly days, but I'm a fan of celebrating all victories.  Even if they appear to be awfully small. Today was actually a win in... Continue Reading →

Day Two, In The Bag!

It's almost 9 pm, and today has been free of restaurant food!  I realize going two days without getting food from a restaurant should probably not be deserving of a victory post, but for the way we've been living the past few months, it sadly is.  It's particularly victorious because we left the house twice... Continue Reading →

Start Where You Are…

A dear bestie is establishing a relationship with her father, after a 40+ year estrangement, and she mentioned this quote in reference to figuring out how to cross the bridge.  It stuck in my head, for it seemed applicable to many facets of life.  I have a terrible habit of berating myself for the things... Continue Reading →

Simple, Frugal Pleasures

Sometimes it's easy to become restless and disappointed with life when the big things aren't happening, and many times frugal living puts a stop to those "big things".  No more buying new big screen televisions or leasing new cars you can barely afford.  While those things may have seemed like fun, they were pushing you... Continue Reading →

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