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Man, What A Week!

Last week was truly not my week.  It took until Wednesday before I could finally pick up my car from the mechanic.  Drove it from the mechanic to the farmer’s market, bought some amazing strawberries, got back in the car… same problem as before I took it in, the speedometer won’t work. By this point…… Continue reading Man, What A Week!

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Frugal Dinner: Use It Up Style

Sometimes… lots of times… I have a bad habit of wasting food.  Produce in particular.  I buy it with the best of intentions, and it languishes in the fridge until it gets wrinkly or moldy, then it gets tossed out.  Obviously this is very unfrugal, I should not ever be wasting food. So when deciding…… Continue reading Frugal Dinner: Use It Up Style

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Due Diligence, and The Great Hallway Exchange

I haven’t felt well the past couple of days.  Yesterday in particular.  Nothing productive got done at all, which meant the kitchen was a mess this morning.  It’s really kind of mind boggling how fast a clean kitchen can start to look like a bomb went off.  So that’s what I woke up to. I…… Continue reading Due Diligence, and The Great Hallway Exchange

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The Tuesday Night Treasure Hunt

The Tuesday Night Treasure Hunt… otherwise known as cleaning out the fridge.  I’m not sure “treasure” is quite the right word for it, but a dose of optimism never hurts, amiright? Every Tuesday evening, Hubs and I go to the kitchen and root around in the fridge.  I plan our menus for the week, so…… Continue reading The Tuesday Night Treasure Hunt

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So Much Happy News, Grocery Shopping Updates, and Menu Plans

Okay, so I’m going to put these three in order of the way they happened:  My dear friend Andrea over at A Measured Life reblogged my Doggy Bag, Please blog from a few days ago.  Shout out to her for the share, and a big wave and warm welcome to anyone from AML who may have wandered over! Yesterday…… Continue reading So Much Happy News, Grocery Shopping Updates, and Menu Plans

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The Making Of A List

I think pretty much every person who practices, or tries to practice, being frugal makes a grocery list.  Or at least know they SHOULD make one, with whether or not it gets made, and how often, being a bit iffy at times.  For some reason, this was one of the few tenets of frugality Hubs…… Continue reading The Making Of A List

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Thai Peanut Chicken Update

I had a couple of people tell me this recipe sounded yummy, and were curious to hear how it turned out.  It was supposed to have been yesterday’s dinner, but for various reasons {reasons of not getting the slow cooker cleaned and the food in it in time for it to cook}, it got pushed back until today.…… Continue reading Thai Peanut Chicken Update

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S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G The Pork Roast

Today’s frugal post brought to you courtesy of $1.69/lb pork roast at Meijer.  A pork roast used to make a single meal for us, possibly with some leftover that may or may not have actually been eaten later.  Frequently we both ate very large hunks of the roast with our dinner, stuck the rest in…… Continue reading S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G The Pork Roast