My Favorite Ways To Be Frugal Right Now

In my time of trying to live frugally, I’ve learned that some frugal living ideas work better at certain times, and other times you need different ideas entirely.  Phases of life are different, and so must your money saving methods be.  Just as an example, there maybe times in your life when money is REALLY…… Continue reading My Favorite Ways To Be Frugal Right Now

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Guest Post On A Sweet Friend’s Blog

  I don’t talk about it a whole lot on this blog, but I suffer from a sometimes crippling anxiety disorder.  This month I am the featured guest blogger on my friend Bonnie’s page, Inspire The Best You, and the post focuses on my anxiety disorder and what it’s like to live with it. Obviously this…… Continue reading Guest Post On A Sweet Friend’s Blog

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Car Decision

  After much thought and consternation, we’ve come to a decision about the car.  Friday evening I was on some car websites looking to see what was available in our price range.  I talked to a salesman and did a credit application over the phone to see what we’d be approved for, so we’d really…… Continue reading Car Decision

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Frugal Dinner: Use It Up Style

Sometimes… lots of times… I have a bad habit of wasting food.  Produce in particular.  I buy it with the best of intentions, and it languishes in the fridge until it gets wrinkly or moldy, then it gets tossed out.  Obviously this is very unfrugal, I should not ever be wasting food. So when deciding…… Continue reading Frugal Dinner: Use It Up Style